Nexus Thinking in a Changing World

Addressing interlinked sustainability issues in a rapidly changing world requires that we recognise and respond appropriately to the nexus between human health and wellbeing, urbanisation, and ecosystem services (the ‘WUE nexus’). This nexus is a priority area for research, policy and practice. In particular, it provides a useful pathway to meet the challenges of successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read about the nexus, and the three policy recommendations that were derived in the scientific brief for the GSDR 2016:

1. By emphasising urban-rural linkages, foster an integrated approach to ensure food security, food safety, and health promotion;

2. Secure resilient livelihoods for all, in particular for vulnerable groups; and

3. Integrate co-production of knowledge in science for decision-making, including the co-design of implementation frameworks, and the adoption of a nexus approach.

Brief GSDR2016 FE Fellows: WUE Nexus

(Kusch, Sigrid; Fleming, Aysha; Cradock-Henry, Nicholas; Schmitz, Nele; Pereira, Laura; Vogt, Jess; Lim, Michelle; Kharrazi, Ali; Evoh, Chijioke J.; Hamel, Perrine; Bollmohr, Silke; Patterson, James; Adler, Carolina; Waterlander, Wilma; Sugiura, Ai; Augustyn, Anna M.; Dogra, Atul; Mukherjee, Nibedita; Onzere, Sheila; Mahomoodally, Fawzi; Hughes, Alice C.; Bowen, Kathryn; Tironi, Antonio; Smith, Kiah; Hoffenson, Steven; Udenigwe, Chibuike C.: Sustainability in a changing world: integrating human health and wellbeing, urbanisation, and ecosystem services. Brief for the UN Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR), 2016)